Englishman On The Rise

March 3, 2022
Player Spotlight
by Craig

Is Tammy London-bound again? The Englishman was sent to Roma as Lukaku made his return to Chelsea. Since then, Abraham has scored 19 Goals in 35 Appearances- One more than Harry Kane and the same amount as Lukaku, Rashford, and DCL combined. You may ask, why compare him to these players? Well one of which pushed him out of Chelsea and the others are all English forwards.

Abraham, 24, is still young enough to grow into a goal-scoring machine at the highest levels including the World Cup. I could also see him possibly replacing Harry Kane as the Tottenham center forward with Son at his side. Antonio Conte loves to pair a powerful forward with a quick-skilled forward in his 3-5-2 system. Diego Costa and Lukaku himself flourished in this system. If Kane moves on, Tammy might be the forward to take his place for club and possibly vie for Kane’s country spot too.

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Player Spotlight